Independent Study:International Practice

Course Syllabus

Fall 2017

Eric Peterson

LAA6905: 3 Credits

Meeting time
Tuesdays and Thursday 19:30-12:30 and by appointment (see Schedule)

Catalogue Descriptions
Coursework on a particular aspect of landscape architecture under the direction
of faculty in an individual study format. Prerequisite: Program approval. (F,S)

Course Objectives
LAA6905 addresses the study of Professional Architectural Practice with a specific focus on Italian and
International Office Practice. Because professional architectural practice within Italy encompasses Landscape and
Urban Design more broadly than it does in the United States, both Architecture and Landscape Architecture
students will engage with course content that is specifically focused to their discipline while provided insite into
partner disciplines.

The course will include a lecture series with visiting Architects, Landscape Architects, and
Urban Planners from the University of Genoa and local and regional practitioners as well as a series of office visits
in Genoa, Milan, and Rome. Site visits to ongoing construction projects in Italy will serve to illustrate important
course content introduced in the lectures. As part of the course students will view pre-recorded and live-streamed
lectures from the Miami campus to augment the course material that they receive locally.

Upon Completion of the course students can expect to gain a clear understanding of the pathway to professional
architectural licensure in the United States as well as a comprehensive introduction to equivalent professional
regulations in Italy and the EU.

Attendance Guidelines
The FIU Department of Architecture Study Abroad program in Genoa has no provision for unexcused absences;
attendance and class participation are required at all class meetings (see Course Schedule). Three (3) unexcused
absences will automatically result in a failing grade for the course. Every day that you are late to class, you will
receive half (1/2) an absence. An acceptable excused absence is defined by the student having missed class due to
extraordinary circumstances beyond his or her control and must be accompanied by written documentation. In the
event that you have missed a class, you are responsible for all the material covered.

Course Evaluation
Students will be evaluated in four areas using both quantitative and qualitative measures:
Sketch book 25%
Mapping 25% Genoa, Venice, Verona, Rome, Florence
Urban space analysis 25% P.d. Ferrari, P. San Lorenzo, P. Monumentale, P. Soprana, Porto Antico
Building detail analysis 25% San Lorenzo, San Stefano, Gesu, P. Monumentale, P. Soprana, P. Vaca

While a satisfactory grade in the course may be attained by the completion of all required assignments,
individual initiative and investigation of design and research issues that extend beyond the basic
requirements are strongly encouraged.

94-100= A
90-93= A-
87-89= B+
84-86= B
80-83= B-
77-79= C+
74-76= C
70-73= C-
67-69= D+
64-66= D
60-63= D-
0-59= F

Student Work
The School of Architecture reserves the right to retain any and all student work for the purpose of record,
exhibition and instruction. All students are encouraged to photograph and/or copy all work for personal records
prior to submittal to instructor. The furniture prototypes will be donated to Miami Green Lab at the conclusion of
the course.

Students Rights and Responsibilities
It is the student’s responsibility to obtain, become familiar with and abide by all Departmental, College and
University requirements and regulations. These include but are not limited to:
-The Florida International University Catalog Division of Student Affairs Handbook of Rights and
Responsibilities of Students.
-Department Curriculum and Program Sheets
-Department Policies and Regulations
Student with Special Needs:
Students who may need auxiliary aids or services to ensure access to academic program should register with the
Office Disability Services for Students.

Civility Clause
Students are expected to treat one another with a high degree of civility and respect. Students can and should
expect the same from the instructor. If a student fails to act responsibly or disrupts the class or impedes
instruction he or she may be asked to leave the class and will be held responsible for all the information missed
through this absence.

Course Schedule
Schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. Please contact appropriate offices for verification
and updates. This calendar does not include Official University holidays. Faculty are encouraged to make
accommodations for students who wish to observe religious holidays. Students should make their request known
at the beginning of the semester in writing.

Course Schedule


Assignment: LECTURE 1

Week 2 (VENICE and VERONA)

Assignment: LECTURE 2

Week 3 GENOA Office Visit 1

Assignment: LECTURE 3

Week 4 MILAN Office Visit 2

Assignment: LECTURE 4


Assignment: LECTURE 5, Office Visit 3

Week 6 GENOA Construction Site Visit 1

Assignment: Lecture 6

Week 7 GENOA Renzo Piano Foundation

Assignment: Lecture 7

Week 8 Visiting Lecturer

Assignment: Lecture 8

Week 9 Visiting Lecturer

Assignment: Lecture 9


Assignment: Modern European Construction Site visit 2

Week 11 Visiting Lecturer

Assignment: Lecture 10

Week 12 Visiting Lecturer

Assignment: Lecture 11


Week 14 Visiting Lecturer

Assignment: Lecture 12

Week 15 Exam Preparation

Assignment: Final Exam


Digital notebook – Lecture notes, photographs, sketches